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    Keep your sale alive!!
    Get Internet Marketing CPR!


What will increase web site conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment? SEO? SEM? CPC? No way.

While essential, all the marketing in the world is a total waste if you do not have a clear and concise call to action, a sense of urgency, and a closing tool. Usually this is the function of a salesperson. Marketing gets the customer in the door and the salesperson closes the deal.

Today, depending on your industry, as much as 80% of the shopping is being conducted online. Your web site is your salesperson and, like any salesperson, it also needs a conversion strategy to finish the sales process and close the sale. If your web site uses response forms to collect information to complete the sale either online or with a follow up call from a sales specialist, you need an incentive to motivate your visitor to complete and submit the response form.

We can help!

We are ETTSI Incentive Premiums. We provide Premium Sales Incentive products used as closing tools in many retail trades. These products range from Travel Certificates for Lodging & Airfare or Luxury Cruise Vacations to Merchandise Certificates redeemable for items such as Tablet PCs or really any consumer product you could imagine. We design these products by considering the objectives and the budget of the promotion; matching a certificate program that fits the image of the company and a price point that meets their ROI target.

Traditionally, our sales incentive products are produced as beautiful 4 color printed brochures delivered at the point of sale. For internet markets we have just release a new tool that can deliver our Premium Sales Incentives right on your web site. We call it Internet Marketing CPR, or Cost-Per-Response.

How it works

We'll help you select a sales incentive that will create the incentive you need at a price you can afford. Then, we'll help you design your offer in conjunction with your sales presentation and response form. Once the visitor completes the desired response, they will be offered the sales incentive you chose in an electronic certificate they can activate immediately online along with a link to the online brochure of the program. To see a Demo of the tool in action, click on the Demo Button on the right.

Can you imagine...

Walking into a car dealership with no salespeople? Just shiny new cars with the price on the window and a form to fill out? Neither can we.

If your showroom is a web page, you need to invest in a closing tool that motivates your visitors to make a favorable purchasing decision just as you would a customer in a brick and mortar showroom. Otherwise, when your marketing process ends, your sales process is going to die right along with it.