Keep your sale alive!
Get Internet Marketing CPR!

Universally, CPR stands for a lifesaving technique. While some may consider the Internet Marketing CPR widget a lifesaver when it comes to shoring up the ROI of their Internet Marketing campaigns, in this case CPR stands for Cost Per Response. The cost per response can range from less than a dollar per click to several hundred dollars depending on your incentive budget for the purchase or a particular response you want your web site visitor to complete.

The Internet Marketing CPR program works exactly like a cost per click program where you pre-load the widget account with a certain dollar value and then the widget will continue to distribute certificate numbers until the balance is exhausted. You can set up an automatic replenishment of the account when the balance drops below a preset amount to keep the widget functioning indefinitely. For your protection against abuse, the widget records the IP address of the web site where the widget was clicked and the IP address of the visitor that clicked it.

As part of the Internet Marketing CPR program, we provide the technical support and code necessary to place the widget on your web site as well as web site marketing support and graphics for all of our sales incentives programs.

ETTSI Programs that work well with this widget:

  1. Fly Free America
  2. Passage to Fun
  3. Vacation of a Lifetime
  4. Triple Play Trips
  5. Condo Express
  6. Travel Cash Booklet

For further examples of a more extensive use of this widget, please visit: